Saturday, January 06, 2007

Playoffs!??! Picks Bound to Fail, sponsored by Jim Mora, Sr.

Wild card weekend is upon us, and I'd like to take a moment to list the NFC teams who have a snowball's chance in Hell at entertaining me mildly this weekend. ... That deafening silence you hear from the peanut gallery is the collective yawn of America when looking at the Seabags-Cowboys and Philly-Giants matchups. Hooray, Parity!

Each of these teams are inherently flawed, with the Eagles showing the most promise out of the group. That being said, I'm a big McNabb guy, and will be openly rooting against the success of Jeff Garcia this postseason, due to the fallout that a Super Bowl appearance may inflict on the perennially underrated Chunky Soup pitchman.

The Chiefs-Colts game is the matchup I personally am looking forward to the most. The obvious plotline is LJ wreaking havoc on the Colts run defense, but the real question will be if Trent Green can get Tony Gonzalez heavily involved in the passing game against an undersized Indy secondary. Peyton Manning knows he has to basically play a perfect game, every game, if he's going to get to Miami this year, and I'm banking on 4 TD's from him tomorrow against a very average KC pass defense. The Chiefs can't match that with the ground game alone, and though ball control is the primary focus of their offensive game plan, they'll need to go deep on play action a time or two if they expect to win this one.

Here are one man's predictions for the Wild Card round, home team in caps:
Chiefs 31, COLTS 34
Dallas 24, SEATTLE 27
Giants 19, PHILLY 27
Jets 13, PATS 31

The NFL has been so unpredictable all season, that I thought I would drop a little reverse psychology on the games this week. You hear that, NFL? I'm calling your bluff! Favorites outright, in a microcasm of what I think will be a bit of a dull experience this weekend. This league has to get predictable eventually, right?? RIGHT!??!

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