Friday, December 22, 2006

Brett Favre's 7-Year Farewell Tour Continues

I was without my beloved DirecTV / Sunday Ticket / NFL network orgy that I'm privied to back in Columbia, so I missed the 9-7 barnburner at Lambeau last night. But, from most accounts, the game was as ugly as the score and about as entertaining. That being said, SportsCenter and NFL N sold it as Brett's last lap at Lambeau, which is Kool-Aid I refuse to sip, friends.
First of all, no one is banging down the door right behind Brett to take his throne. The Packers have many other glaring holes on their roster, and really can't afford to take a QB with a high first rounder in this draft, especially since the class coming out isn't near the market it was last year - when the Pack passed on both Leinart and Young.
I feel bad for the kids who didn't get to see Favre when he was Mr. Ridiculous, gunslinging cross-bodied passes through traffic to Sterling Sharpe, Antonio Freeman and the like. Now, the guy looks like an aging power pitcher at the end of the road who didn't learn to locate his off-speed stuff - too old to change, too stubborn to know better, and consistently getting letter-high 91 mph fastballs turned on. Sure, Favre will mow down a batter (or weak secondary) from time to time, but the zip is gone, the allure is faded, and only nostalgic Pack fans want him to stay.

-I'm 2-0 in bowl selections out of the gate. Tonight, I've got Rice knocking off Troy - no way in Hell I could not pull for the hometown team here. Owls by 6. Tomorrow, take ECU, Tulsa and New Mexico at home. Principle to live by - anytime a bowl that nobody REALLY cares about is being played in one of the team's home stadiums, take the home team. Mizzou handled the Lobos pretty nicely early this year, but niether NM or San Jose State are very good, so - advantage homeboys.

-D-Nice got a DUI! Is it just me, or is this a new epidemic sweeping sports nation? Probably not, but it is a good representation of those ads where apparently, "Cops are cracking down on drunk driving all across the country." I won't throw stones at Willis, he seems like a good guy and I'm sure he's pissed at himself for getting caught, I mean, remorseful.

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