Sunday, December 24, 2006

Well, that was a fun couple of weeks

In an utterly predictable turn of events for a sports team I follow closely and care deeply about, Yao Ming is out for "at least six weeks" with a fracture in his leg. The Great Wall was dropping 27 and 9 and had seemingly hit a new gear since T-Back re-established himself at his most comfortable position, the injured list. Excuse me while I swish with paint thinner.

In a western conference that's insanely deep once again, this kills any shot the Rockets have of being competitive. If Yao is back in six weeks, and McGrady plays sometime this season, a late Astro-like run towards an 8-seed seems to have a shot, but not a great one. Utah is for serious, Denver got astronomically better in the AI deal, Kobe is Kobe, and the top of the conference are the usual suspects (other TX teams, PHX). Bonzi Wells and Luther Head turn into the key scorers on the team, and if we find a time machine for Deke Mutombo, we become average.

This also marks the third rehab for Yao in 12 months, something that worries me. The guy is looking injury-prone, but most big guys tend to be. I would think being 7' 6" merely exacerbates the issue.

But hey, only 4 months until mediocre NL Central action! Oh, you say Wandy Rodriguez is still in the starting rotation and our everyday catcher is going to hit .185 again? I think I see some more paint thinner.

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