Saturday, December 23, 2006

Welcome to God's Country, Brandon

The White Sox shipped out the starting pitcher that was to replace Freddy Garcia in their starting rotation. The Rangers picked up Brandon McCarthy, and if they win the Zito sweepstakes, they'll have 4 pretty soild horses to compete with Oakland and Anaheim: Zito, Padilla, Millwood and McCarthy. The Sox got the Rangers' no. 1 pick of a couple years ago, which I'm garnering is a player extremely high on their radar. Either that, or they know something about McCarthy that the rest of us don't. Personally, I think he could be a very good no. 2 starter for some time. Kenny Williams has been lauded in recent years for his offseason moves, and this year, he looks to be gearing towards the next 5 years instead of 2007. That being said, I think the division hinges on the health of Francisco Liriano and how big an impact Gary Sheffield will make in Detroit.

A Rice win would have been enjoyable last night, but I still maintain pride in the Owls' resurgence this year. Shane Graham and company put together a year to be proud of.

Short post for now, I'll get you back later. Seriously, get the new Nas album.

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