Monday, December 25, 2006

Stocking Full of Tie-Breaker Scenarios

I got my Christmas gift a few hours early this year. The Houston Texans beat the phenomenally vulnerable Colts on Christmas Eve for the first time in franchise history. Ron Dayne essentially did what every other running back in the NFL has to the Colts this year - make them look like a glorified D-1 front seven. With a win against the hapless Browns at home on NYE, the Texans will finish 6-10, a 4-win improvement from last season. The Texans are still bad, but this is a marked improvement from laughably horrendous. Coach Kubes, I'm on board with your program now, sir.

My God, the NFL is fantastic. The races to get the last playoff spots make the last week of the season compelling, even if every team in contention is amazingly flawed, and for the most part reeling in some form or another. In the NFC, somehow, the Giants kind of control their own destiny; they need to beat the Redskins Saturday night and clinch something called "strength of victory." And, holy double coverage, Batman, Brett Favre can sneak into the playoffs with a win at Chicago on Sunday, a Giants loss, and like 4 other things happening. Meanwhile, the Rams are in if they beat the Vikings, the Dodgers beat the Braves, the Philadelphia Flyers score 6 or more goals Thursday night and if congress passes new wild-card tie-breaking legislation. In the AFC, the Jets are the 6-seed with a win over Oakland, who will actually suit up a local community college team in their place in hopes of jump-starting their offense.

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