Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Famed Mike Hampton Deal, Part Deux

The Zito sweepstakes have ended with the eccentric lefty hopping the Bay to the SF Giants. The deal makes the Giants look pretty ridiculous, as they've managed to give $18M a year to a guy who isn't that great - over the past four seasons his record is 55-46. His ERA will probably drop by a run with a move into the national league, but still, if this guy is worth 18 mill, what is Oswalt worth, 23? Santana, 25? If I'm Chris Carpenter, I'm firing my agent right now, because I just got a horseshit 5-year extension that nets me all of 12.3M a season, and all I did was carry a mediocre pitching staff for 5 months in a championship year.

Bowl Pick 'Em has not gone well for the J-Ray, as my mark currently stands at 4-5. The Big XII is in full effect and prepared to redeem me today, though - Okie State plays Alabama, Texas A&M plays Cal, and Rutgers plays K-State. It's the last career game for my boy Brandon Leone of the Ags, and along with the requisite, obligatory "pull-for-the-conference" mentality that bowl season bestows on me and those of my ilk, this fact gives the game more significance here at the Mask. Take Oklahoma State over the coachless, delusional Alabamians, the Aggies in a thriller in the Holiday Bowl, and Rutgers to win in the conglomerate, concrete cathedral that is Reliant.

This picture has no relevance to anything in the post, yet I felt compelled to share it with you all.

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