Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cologne from Wal-Mart Presents: Mediocre College Football!

Alternative responsibilities have severely hampered my ability and willpower to update the blog so far. A month away from the obligations of the J-school, coupled with ample sports viewing time, should definitely alter that. I got big plans for this guy - the first of which will be the live blogging of the Sun Bowl. In all likelihood, this will consist of me bitching about the Tigers' two running plays. By the way, Mike Riley, they're the shotgun draw, and the shotgun counter.

I'll also be blogging during the Fiesta Bowl, during Christmas day NBA / NFL action, and whenever else I feel like it. That being said, on to a rant or several:

-WHY did A.I. have to come to the Western Conference? Answer - because God hates the Rockets. That, and A.I., by most accounts, fits seamlessly into Denver's offense. They have bigs that don't need the rock (Camby, etc.), and stole Mr. Answer when you look at some of the deals that were being thrown Philly's way last summer. The deal gives the Sixers flexibility in how they want to build for the future. They pick up two first round draft picks, Joe Smith's expiring contract, and have positioned themselves for a freefall smack into the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

-The coverage of the Knicks-Nuggets brawl has been less obsessive than I thought it would be. I don't even bother watching the idiotic banter on Around the Horn, or First and 10, so I can't comment on how or who they have attacked. SC though, and other major sports outlets, seem to have given it less airtime. My guess is that they reached the point of ad nauseam during the Malice at the Palace coverage, and, by coupling that with the trading of one of the NBA's best 10 players of the past decade, oversaturation wasn't given the chance to flourish.

-I drove through Dallas on Monday, and for an hour and a half, the SOLE topic of conversation was T.O. spitting on D'Angelo Hall, and three peoples' moral evaluations of 81 as a human being. You could have listened to 90 seconds of this horse shit and hit repeat, and got the same product. It was horrendous. I fail to understand the world's consistent fascination with this idiot. It was painful to listen to, and I officially don't give a baker's fuck about Terrell Owens at this point. That is all.

-Since I last posted, the Astros shipped out the beloved Willy T in the Jason Jennings deal. I haven't watched Jennings pitch enough in his career to give him a great evaluation, but this is because he was a Rocky, and no one gives a shit about the Rockies. I'm not sold on the deal, because 1) Jennings is a free agent next year, and 2) Jason Hirsh is still a project, and was obviously the key to Colorado making the trade. Willy's speed and hustle will be missed, but his inability to take pitches won't. However, Astros fans should prepare for an outfield reminiscent of pre-Beltran 2004, when the displaced Craig Biggio couldn't run down anything, and costed at least 2 runs a week.
Word is that Jason Lane is playing CF in winterball. Shoot me now if this is the Astros' plan. Chris Burke should be option 1 going into camp, and Charlton Jimerson needs to be option 2.

That's all for now. Go get the new Nas album. Clipse, too.

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